Frieze or Texture Carpet Tampa

Beautiful Jones Beach by Shaw Carpets will complement your Florida lifestyle. Bring the natural colors of the beach to your living room, bedroom or any room in your home.

Jones Beach | Shaw Carpet

Jones Beach | Color: Sand Swept by Shaw Carpet

This carpet is part of our summer promotional flooring selection. This carpet would fall into a medium grade. It’s definitely a cut above entry level carpets. Based on the Hexapod test, this carpet is rated a 3. The scale rates carpet from a low of  1 to a high of 5.

The Hexapod test is a standardized measurement for rating carpet materials for wear and appearance after simulated foot traffic.


Installed Price $1.99/sq. ft.

Includes: 6 lb pad, carpet, labor & materials with disposal of old carpet.

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Jones Beach Sample Board

Jones Beach by Shaw Sample Carpet Collection



The Jones Beach collections comes in a variety of six gorgeous color selections. They range from dark to light. The names of the color swatches include: Champagne (00101), Capri (00102), Poetic Cream (oo200), Sand Swept (00100), Chaps (00701), Branch (00700).